Legacy Ranch -- LOT #72 -- 61.66 ACRES

Legacy Ranch Aerial View 1
Aerial view of Legacy Rancy (green border) with subject property (61.66 acres) highlighted yellow
Legacy Ranch Aerial View 2
Aerial view of subject property (yellow border) showing Highway 39
Legacy Ranch Aerial View 3
Closeup aerial view of subject property
Modular View 1 Modular View 2
Modular Side View in Spring Modular Front View
Kitchen Dining Living Area
Kitchen Dining / Living Room
Dining / Living / Kitchen Area Property Gate
Dining / Living / Kitchen Private Gate (2nd) to Property - First gate is off Ant Flat Road
Yard View 1 Yard View 2
View of Property in Early Spring View of Property in Late Fall
Modular View 3 Barn
Modular Back View Barn